May 2019

From The Pastor,

         There is a new television show coming on this spring. I have no idea if it will be a good show or not. I have not seen any of it, other than the promotional commercials. However, the name of the show is exactly how I feel sometimes. I take a look at my life and all the things that are going on, the ups and the downs, the good and the not so good, and the times I just dont have a clue. I pray, and sometimes I just can't put into words what my heart wants to say. It is on those occasions that the only word that seems to fit is, "Help!" It would be in those times the title of the show would often fit - "Bless This Mess."

       Perhaps you think that a pastor should have his life so together that such thoughts would never exist. Such pastors and people may exist, but I am not sure I know many, if any. Life is complicated and full of the unexpected. If God were not there to keep things in perspective I seriously don't know how I would manage.

      I actually believe this is true of all of us. When you think about it, as Christians, we are commissioned to minister to others. We may minister to family, friends, co-workers, or total strangers, but anytime you are involved in ministry things can get messy in a hurry. Ministry on any level deals with people. By that simple fact, ministry has the capacity to get messy, because people are imperfect, problems exist, and life can be chaotic. Ministry does not follow precise formulas nor straight line paths.

      The Bible is full of people who had to deal with messy situations. Joseph had jealous brothers, lying servants, and people who forgot their promises to deal with. Moses had to lead a nation of complaining, stubborn, and sometimes rebellious people. Often the prophets had to preach to people who were deep in sin, indifferent to the things of God, and bent on disobedience. Even if you look at the life and ministry of our Lord, you will quickly find he had to deal with messes all the time. Sometimes he had to deal with angry and hateful people. Other times with the heart broken, hurting, and sick. On other occasions he was confronted with ambitious disciples and family members who did not understand him. Then there were the insincere followers, skeptics, and betrayers. If we look closely at his life we can glean some insight on how to deal with the mess.

      So with all of this said, what do you do when your life and/or ministry is a mess. You already know that I don't have all the answers, and sometimes I don't even know the right questions. However, let me give you a couple of observations that might help. First, find a word from God. Get your Bible out and search for an applicable principle. Second, determine the will of God in relation to where you are in life and the mess you are facing. Finally, ask God to give you his wisdom. Please do not think that I am giving you a formula of how to get rid of the mess. I am simply telling you that God is big enough to, "Bless The Mess."

      One final thought on the subject. Don't wait until you understand God's direction in the mess before you decide to follow in obedience to his ways. Just move forward in obedience and trust him for the outcome. Remember the words found in Isaiah 55:9, "For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts." Our understanding is far less important than our obedience. 

Bro. Danny


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National Day of Prayer

Thursday - May 2nd

A community wide time of prayer will be hosted at the Ringgold Courthouse. It is no secret that our nation stands in need of prayer and revival. Let's meet together to pray for our communities and our country.

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Speaking May 19th Morning Service 9:45 a.m.

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Just a Thought

There is a moral and spiritual war for the souls of Americans.

This war must be waged by preaching the gospel, prayer, and obedience to God's Word.

...David Jeremiah