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New Liberty Baptist Church
Saturday, March 24, 2018
To Make Christ Known
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"I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to Father except through me." - Jesus

John 14:6

The Veritas Student Ministry of New Liberty Baptist Church is all about the "veritas," which means truth in Latin. In a world where truth is often downplayed, seen as relative, and all around ignored, we are all about seeking the One that is the source of all truth, Jesus Christ. And the truth about Jesus is much more than you might expect. What we find in the Bible is that Jesus is much more than just a good man with nice teachings. He is actually God's Son. That means He is God in the flesh, divine and perfect in every way. He is sinless and the only One that was and ever will be sinless in life. And He has given Himself as a sacrfice for the sins of the world on a bloody cross, offering salvation for all who would believe, trust, and follow Him for the forgiveness of sins. Jesus is the truth, and we here at Veritas Student Ministry want you to know ultimate truth, which is found in Christ. We want you to know how much Jesus loves you and how you can have salvation from sin and death. We also want to disciple you and show you that being a Christian is much more than just a ticket to heaven, but a relationship to Christ and following him, for Jesus says we must follow Him if we are to know Him. The truth can be hard sometimes and challenge us, but obedience to Christ brings much more joy and purpose than anything the world can bring.
Come and join us on Wednesday nights and see what we're about. We have Bible study at 6:45pm with three different classes, one for Middle School boys, one for Middle School girls, and one for High School. We also have a meal after our Bible Study to sit and fellowship around. Finally, we all come together and worship Jesus through music that is centered around Him and what He has done for us.
Sunday mornings are also an important time for our youth. We have Sunday School all together at 9:45am and then we come together with the church body and worship God during our morning worship service in the auditorium at 10:45am. 

Wednesday Worship: 6:45pm

Sunday School: 9:45am

Sunday Morning Worship: 10:45am