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Saturday, March 24, 2018
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The Evangel

September 2017 Issue
Online Edition
New Liberty Baptist Church
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From The Pastor,             

     Last Friday morning I had to drive down to Dalton for a meeting.  Going down the interstate they have those overhead signs with various messages on them.  Friday the display read 985 deaths so far this year on Georgia highways.  I did some quick math in my head and came to a sobering conclusion.  If the statistics are correct for Georgia, that means just almost 800 people are in hell today who lost their lives in traffic accidents in our state just this year.  I personally knew four of these people.  That means statistically three people whom I knew are in hell today.  That thought horrifies me. 

You and I know that the fact these people died in traffic accidents is not the reason they are in hell.  The accidents, although tragic,   were nothing more than the cause of physical death, which is something we all must face.  The real loss is that of any opportunity to come to know Christ as Lord and Savior.  It was the absence of a personal relationship to Christ that condemned those people to an eternity in hell. 

     I know some of you may think I am being judgmental in making these statements.  I am fully aware that the subject of hell is becoming more and more taboo, even in our pulpits.  If you read the Gospels you will find that Jesus mentioned and taught about hell much more often than he did heaven.  Even though it may be an unpopular subject, hell is as real today as it has ever been, and people need to be warned about its existence.  It is also imperative that they be told how to avoid such a place.  Such preaching and conversation may make you unpopular today, but will result in rewards in eternity. 

     It would not be a wrong assumption to say that most, if not all, of those who have died on Georgia highways this year left home with no expectation that would be their last day of life.  Most of these folks were not prepared for what would happen that day.  We make preparation for all kinds of events in our lives.  We plan for births, weddings, retirement, and on goes the list, but I must ask the question, “Are you prepared to die?” 

The Word of God is very plain on this of grass that withers, and has the speed of a weaver’s shuttle.  Secondly, we are told that we should prepare to meet God.  Amos told Israel, “…, prepare to meet thy God, …” Jesus taught repeatedly that we do not know when he will return, but that we should be ready.  Last, the Word of God teaches us, as does nature, that death is inevitable.  However, God’s Word goes a step further.  It teaches us that after death we will all face judgment.  “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:” HEBREWS 9:27

Does it not seem reasonable that since death is inevitable and judgment is certain that preparation for these events should be made?  Recently we have heard the phrase, “All Lives Matter.”  That is very true in the here and now, but it is also eternally true.  Mankind and his life is so important to God that he has made it possible for man to be forgiven of sin and to live with him forever.  The plan is simple.  Follow it through these verses.

All have sinned: Romans 3:10 & 23

Sin has a price: Romans 6:23

God loves you

and paid your sin

debt: Romans 5:8

You must believe: Romans 10:9-10

Forgiveness is for

whosoever will: Romans 10:13


           Bro. Danny





Sunday School



Thursday - Sept. 7th

6:30 p.m.


Sunday School Teachers And All Interested In Sunday School Growth Are Invited!








Church Directory Photographs



We are doing a new church directory.

There are sign-up sheets in the foyer or

you can call the church office for an

appointment time.  Everyone who has

their photograph taken will receive a

free 8X10 and their photograph will

appear in the directory.  We want

everyone to participate.


Photography Dates:


October 3 - 7, 2017




Tuesday - Friday

2:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.



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Caleb’s Mountain


A wonderful Senior Adult meeting place.  Caleb’s Mountain is open each Thursday at

9 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall. Come by for

a visit and have some coffee, fellowship,

devotions, fun and games. 

Bring a friend with you.






September Activities

    3 - Deacons’ Meeting 7:15 p.m.


                4 - LABOR DAY- Office Closed              

5 - Care Ministry 6:30 p.m


          Brotherhood 8:30 a.m.


   13 - Conference


    (New Liberty Baptist Church 6:00 p.m.)







        September Anniversaries

1 - Billy & Christine House

 2 - Eddie & Jodee Day

  4 - Michael & Cheryl Arp

        5 - Bobby & Marcia Scarbrough

    6 - Jeff & Robin Norvell

        8 - Rodney & Patsy Simpson

 10 - Lebron & Lisa Durham

   11 - Andy & Peggy Kinzalow

14 - George & Anita Loyack

15 - Matthew & Kati Heath

16 - Wayne & Robin Tamewitz

17 - Donald & Vicki Powell

18 - Joe & Teresa Roach

21 - Rex & Alberta Dover

22 - Marion & Carolyn Foster

24 - Stephen & Nikki Watson

       Randy & Cindy Cashon

27 - Ronnie & Connie Keck





       September Birthdays

       1 - Diane Shankles  

             2 - Brenda Swanson Camp

                Tasha Newberry

                Luke Raby

              Jack Parris

               3 - Michelle Smith

               Nick Yott

                4 - Jim Perry

                 Jeffery Hendrix

                    Justin Farrow

                 Mary Hillis

       6 - Sean Kittle

       7 - Patsy Simpson

       9 - Christina Guinn

     10 - Donna Gray

            Tommy Self

            Ronnie Raby

            Shirley Templeton

     11 - Samantha Cantrell

      Richard Byers

     12 - Jean Harris

     13 - Robby Coffman

            Sheila Bailey

            Joseph Davis

     14 - Stephen Holcomb

     15 - Robert Holsomback

            Barbara Stamey

            Marcia Scarbrough

     16 - Jennifer Ellis

     17 - Steve Leduc

         Jerry Roebuck

      Carl Cox

     19 - Rossie Grisham

            George Loyack

            Elaine Creeden

     20 - Linda Volz

            Elizabeth Smith

     21 - Lisa Gray

     22 - Rick Armstrong

            Kim Baker

     24 - Ernest Stamey

     26 - Jason Bohannon

     27 - Deborah Owens

            Harvey Muncy

     Wayman Sullivan

     28 - Lori Coffman

            Nicole Cannon

            Anthony De La Garza

     29 - Billy House

            Rosemary King






Catoosa Baptist 


Fall Meeting


Sunday - Sept. 17th

6:00 p.m.



Dr. Keith McLeod


Host Church:

New Liberty Baptist